Sunday, January 14, 2007

Molinillo collection

From my collection of Mexican molinillo [moh-lee-NEE-yoh] hot chocolate stirrers. I have about 10, purchased in various cities in Mexico. It would be a good day for hot chocolate--It's so cold, I saw icicles on my walk this morning!

watercolor moleskine


  1. Jane,
    It's been too long since I've visited your blog. Always a joy to see the intentionality with which you live life. Savoring the moments and the delicacy of color and form.
    It's inspiring.

  2. Gorgeous! I never heard of these! They would be a truly fun thing to collect.

  3. "...bate, bate, chocolate!"

    The kids are singing the song now instead of getting ready for bed! Those are gorgeous! We don't make such fancy things for stirring. Great page!!

  4. No hot chocolate here, just iced tea. But I remember icles.

    These are very gothic looking, not any like a simple stirer.


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