Monday, January 01, 2007

new year's resolutions.

Not the most unusual new year's resolutions, but good ones nonetheless. These last few days I've been thinking of what my goals might be for the coming year. I've gone from doing 4-6 art fairs, and selling my work, to a lot more teaching the past 2 years. That seems to be okay, because the teaching gig is a more predictable income (not to mention I really enjoy it and the students seem to like me back) and I believe art sales (or at least mine) have really suffered in the last few years. I've got the wonderful article in the Jan/Feb 07 issue Cloth Paper Scissors magazine and another article on my sketchbooks in that same magazine slated from March/April. I love the exposure and attention seeing my work published and it feeds me emotionally if not mortgagely. My DVD of 3 Art Quilt Techniques comes out early 2007, and I'm trying to decide what it is I want from that. Currently I'm thinking I'd love a weekly or monthly TV segment where I'd teach or inspire a creative project. Sydicated, of course! (gotta dream big.) I'm not much of a goal setter, but I'm thinking this year, that I should be able to at least answer if someone asks me what I want out of my artist life. I do know, it includes continuing to draw and paint in my sketchbooks!

sketchbook moleskine with watersoulable crayons.


  1. Hey Jane. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. Hope you have a great New Year, hope you achieve everything you want to and more. And here's to another great year of illustration in 2007! Lots of love Andrea (I have a very similar list of resolutions too!)

  2. GREAT GOALS, Jane -- and I wish you lived closer to NC so I could learn your fabulous loose watercolor methods! GREAT GOOD LUCK with your quilts and creative endeavors -- and I look forward to seeing your 2007 sketches and hearing about even more awards for you!


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