Friday, September 28, 2007

JaneVille Gazette

Battling Moleskines: ProAm
Watch out Danny, I'm coming to your hood! October 10-12, 2008, I'll be doing a 3 day mixed media workshop at my friend Jan Phillips' place in Lake Bonaparte (90 miles north of Syracuse, NY). Needless to say it's in the planning stages, but at this moment, I'm thinking I'll do a mixed media thing with watercolor sketchbook/collage/cloth. I'll keep you posted!

PR Squared
Other news, I'm now on the board of directors of the San Diego Watercolor Society (SDWS), as the Communications Director. (It's a volunteer position in charge of PR, with an all volunteer non-profit.) SDWS has over 750 members, and is one of the most respected watermedia organizations in the country. Among other things, they offer great workshops in gorgeous San Diego! I'll let you know when they post the 2008 workshop schedule, for you out of towners. So, join already!

Rona Barret Junior
And, I'm way busy creating top-secret artwork for a project for Elin Waterston & Jane Davila, but that's all I can say!

"JaneVille Gazette" is a VERY subtle tribute to one of my fave's
Mistress of Longears. Email her and tell she needs a blog too!


  1. So now it's my fault you're way busy? Oh is my fault.

  2. The Mistress regrets that she is busy studying the law and communing with the garden spirits in order to produce an appropriate sentence for the convicted felon Pete "The Teeth" Rabbit. Perhaps when the rabbit population has been (Is "decimated" too strong a word?) subdued.....

  3. I want to know your workshop 08 schedule for the San Diego WC group your drawings..


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