Sunday, September 16, 2007

pumpkin from pamela

I was all set to paint this in my moleskine watercolor journal, and I had no more pages left---so I did it in my moleskine sketchbook, using water soluable crayons. I even drew across the crack.


  1. Love the stem.
    Am taking your advice and going for the blog - will need some help, but don't know how you fit in all that you do in a day.
    I just signed up for, kind of fun, so walk and prayer are my top priorities for the day, next I'm going to have to lump draw, write, blog together as one, because it would be too hard to do all three in a day.

  2. I love pumpkins! Not sure why. Maybe they have so much character? Anyway, I really like this drawing. I'm still trying to figure out water soluable crayons, myself...

  3. What a gorgeous punpkin! It's delightful and I love the way you've placed the bird stamp too :)


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