Sunday, September 02, 2007

My childhood home 2007!

My childhood friend, Karen, sent me this photo of what my house on Greenwood looks like today. Wow! thank you Karen! My brother recalls that my mom bought this house for $11,000 in 1952ish. Maybe my sister, the real estate agent, can tell me what this house would sell for today.


  1. Ok, sister weighs in with Greenwood House info. Homes in San Carlos, California do very well historically. 2091 Greenwood was built in 1928. It is 1360 sq ft on a 4875 sq ft lot. Last sale was in 2004 for $730K ~> based on the comps, my guesstimate _might_ list now in $900Ks... it is a 79 yr old house and not having seen the property now, it is a guess.

    Based on the 2004 description, I see it has granite counters in the kitchen, a very large kitchen, a deck & hot tub in the backyard. ;-)

    RIght now, there is a gorgeous large craftsman down the street, 2831 sq. ft on a 5760 sq ft lot ~> for sale now at $1,995,000. The neighborhood supports short walks to Burton Park as well as downtown Laurel Street.

  2. It looks like such a happy house and I hope it was for you. It also looks as though it came straight out of a child's drawing!

  3. That is such a lovely house, and like laureline said, I hope it was a happy one for you! It just boggles my mind that your Mother bought it for $11,000 in 1952 (wonder what that is in today's $$$s) and then your sister's guesstimate for today's price! YIKES!!!


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