Sunday, September 09, 2007

my bracelet

Art reception last night, so I had time to sketch my bracelet and 2 peanut m&ms. And look, I'm a hand model too!


  1. too cute, and really like the pic from yesterday's speaking engagement too. xo, E.

  2. I like your bracelet! And I could kill for peanut m&ms ! Wish I could listen to you usual I wish I was in San Diego!


  3. Dear Jane, What a treat to see you and Don last night, and also Helen and also Andy, enough for a sketchcrawl. You were the Artist of the Evening and I was only a guest; so when did you find time to do a sketch???? All I managed to do was cadge dinner from the snacks and admire all of your wonderful art. Hope to see you again soon, how about Sept 30?? Hugs, Rachel

  4. I did the bracelet sketch on Saturday night, at yet another art reception. Thankfully, the Sunday night reception was very busy, between chatting and selling my work. YAY!! thanks to everyone who came and special thanks to those who liked my art enough to buy it!


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