Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Here's the first step on my chinese cloth piece. I tried the needle turned applique (as I imagine it :-) and it was kinda difficult. I think I prefer the raw edge, for it's ease, and mindlessness.
Thanks everyone for your comments on my DVD give-away! Keep em coming!


  1. It is going to be really great to watch this grow.

  2. I'm just passing through here.but could not, not leave a message...
    x x x Good luck on you give a way.

  3. Jane,
    Your handwork is so lovely that I wouldn't worry about taking the time to do needle turned applique! REALLY!!!


  4. Oh my, this is sumptuous. I'm looking forward to watching the progression. I've been meaning to try needled turned applique. Any tips?

  5. OoOooOo Jane! another FABULOUS PIECE. I REALLY want to push myself more in the area of handstitching for visual effects to my collage works. I need someone to take away my Gel Medium... LOL

  6. Jane,
    A cotton might have been easier to experiment with for turning under the edge--more body. I grew up doing it, way before it was called "needle turn." Fabric that frays is tough to work with, and sharp corners are a pain for those of us that aren't into perfection. But a good enough corner is doable.


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