Sunday, February 07, 2010

work in progress- background

 Oh, I do love a new technique! Especially when I already have the materials needed. I'd created this background, from two different paper collages (one yellow, one blue)  by cutting the each into squares rearranging, glueing on down on a thin piece of paper, then machine stitching, zig zag and free motion (the circles you see are free motion.) So--this piece was sitting around in my studio, while I read my new cyber friend, Kelli Nina Perkins book called "Stitch Alchemy." She's got tons of great ideas in there, and I'm only part way through the book, when I saw this technique with vaseline! Briefly, you cover part of your art with vaseline, then carefully paint the whole piece with acyrlic paint (I used red and a little white gesso), let dry, and then rub off the paint and vaseline with a paper towel--it ends up looking like peeled paint. I love it! I don't know what will happen to this piece next--it's certainly not finished-- I'll keep you posted.
hey, look at my new JaneVille header! Nifty!


  1. Oh! I love your new "banner"!

  2. ditto new the banner, it really makes me want to start stitching.

  3. Rockin Jane! I look forward to seeing what that piece becomes down the line. And YES I noticed the new banner immediately. It is spectacular. There's just been a tilt in the planet while a bunch of people reach for their embroidery needles! Yummy :)

  4. love the new header. beautiful.
    would love to try the vaseline technique. sounds really interesting.
    How about a vaseline art day in Fallbrook?

  5. love this piece Jane! and oh darn: I guess I'll have to purchase another book! ;-) Thanks for the recommendation.



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