Monday, July 26, 2010

Long Beach International Quilt Festival!

My first time teaching at an International Quilt Festival!
My "Floral Stamp Carving" workshop at the Long Beach International Quilt Festival

Some of the "dinner at eight" artists from the Beneath the Surface Exhibition. It will show at Houston too! and you can get the book of our exhibition here.
Alisa Burke and me.
Cocktail party. Pokey Bolton, me, Jamie Fingal and Leslie Jenison
I made this in Alisa's Make it University Workshop. From cool trash that she supplied.
Surviving the Runway, Saturday night, at Make It University, on the convention floor. Such fun and craziness! Judy Coates Perez, Pokey and Jamie Fingal and me.


  1. Oh MY You girls know how to have fun. I have still not seen a Project Runway but it looks like a blast. Congratulations on your first time teaching in Long Beach. I'm sure you will be invited back

  2. oh my!!! Geez I wish I had gone. It looks like so much fun.


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