Thursday, July 08, 2010


 I told you I was in the new eMagazine, In Stitches, and here's my page. (Glad I got a manicure) The image on the left is a video of me machnine needlefelting, and the image on the right is a slide show, not here, but if you purchase and download it.
When I showed you the machine needlefelting tutorial on my blog, many asked if it could be done without a machine. I still don't know, but Suzanne Morgan has written a tutorial combining needle felting by hand and wet-felting. You can see her tutorial here. I khow I want to try it.

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  1. Have you seen this ?

    You can also get single needles that I buy and cut off the end of the shank and use to replace needles in my embellishing machine - much cheaper than proprietary branded needles!


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