Friday, July 30, 2010

Kids Art: sea scene

Here's one of the kid's underwater scene paintings. I created this lesson plan, and frankly, I think it's a winner! Here's how we did it in our 2 hour class.
1) Using bubble wrap, painted with white gesso, stamp randomly over the white watercolor paper and let dry.
2) Create  prints using Gyotaku (rubber) fish on white tissue, let dry. (We used BioColor- it works on paper and cloth)
3) Draw an underwater scene with pencil (I demo-ed drawing painting red coral, green kelp). Go over pencil lines with permanent marker, erase pencil. Wet background and drop in blues and purples to create water. Let dry.
4) Carefully cut out fish prints. Mix white glue with a little water, and pour some on the paper, smear it around with your hands. Carefully place cut out fish print on top of glue, and with more glue on your fingers, carefully smooth fish out so it's completely flat and adhered. Let dry. The tissue will dry transparent.
You can see some other examples of the kids art here.

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  1. Thank you! I have a six year old grandson who likes to spend time with me creating art. I think he is going to be crazy about this! Can't wait! We have a date on Wednesday!


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