Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Art Walk~ walking and watercolors in the French Riviera

first night introductions
first night introductions at our lovely Windsor Hotel in Nice, France
For 6 days, I was in Nice, France with The Art Walk, walking and watercolors in the French Riviera. I had 12 fabulous students and the most beautiful place.
We walked
painting at Villa Rothschild in France
we painted (at Villa Rothschild)
painting on the island
We picnicked and painted
Don and Jane
my sweet husb came too.
menton, france lunch
we dined
painting in menton, france
we painted (in Menton, France)
we saw beautiful scenery
painting in the antibes market
we painted (in Antibes market)
we drank cappuccinos
david niven's house
more beautiful scenery (that's where David Niven once lived)
we walked
the French Riviera is really beautiful
we walked
painting at the market in Nice, France
we painted (at the Nice flower market)
jane in the antibes market
we had fun
I look forward to another trip with The Art Walk, this time to Northern Italy in October 2013 and again to the French Riviera the following year. Life is sooo good to be able to teach and travel like this. Thank you world!
more photos tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful,beautiful photos!! It's been MANY years since I was in the Riviera and Nice but I can still picture it so well. Too bad there wasn't anything like your Art Walk to participate in back then. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are the best photos yet! What a beautiful trip. Made me get out my album from Europe in the 90's. I would so love to go again with lovely you and artist friends. The pic with Husb is adorable!

  3. Jane, beautiful collection of pics. What a splendid week.

    Milles mercis!


  4. Dear Jane, You captured so many wonderful moments from that week so full of magic. I'm continuing to sketch in Italy and will include the new sketches in the book started in Nice. Thank you, thank you.

  5. I lived in Antibes for three years ... and your lovely photos of the cote d'azur just made me SO nostalgic (and a little homesick for the place).

  6. It looks like you had a great time, I can see my friend Suzanne in some of the photos

  7. Looks amazing, Jane! I'm hoping that one day I will be ble to join you!


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