Monday, September 03, 2012

The Kindness Chronicles continued

the kindness chronicles

Helen Gregory is seriously the kindest, most thoughtful person. I worked with her again recently, at the taping for my new DVD, and she couldn't be nicer. All her co-workers say the same thing. I was told that Helen goes by each person's office, everyday, around 9am just to say good morning. Smart, efficient, successful, and kind. A role model for me.
first sunday of the month reminds me
to write thank you notes!
Thanks to Chris Clark, my framer, who graciously donated his framing skill when he framed some prints for me that I'm donating to the upcoming San Diego Brain Injury Foundation Fundraiser on Sept 22 in San Diego.

Thanks to the kindness of my many students. Many who recently took my classes at CREATE in Chicago, including:
Sheila Slater
Sheila Slater
Sheila pictured above, took my two of my online classes. She came to my classroom at CREATE in Chicago to show me the beautiful book she created with all the pages she'd painted in my class and to tell me how much she enjoyed the class.
Janice Berkebile has also taken online classes from me and I also met her for the first time at CREATE (darn, I didn't get her photo!) 
Janice made me this fabulous pod necklace, because she knew I love them.
pod by  Janice Berkebile
I just returned from traveling in Chicago and Cleveland, and when you're traveling you really do need to rely on the kindness of strangers. Thanks to the cab driver who explained which train station I should go to. Thanks to another cab driver who kindly asked me if I was alright (I was fine.) Thanks to the many people who gave me directions when I asked.
Sukkha: Sanskrit word meaning 'happiness for no reason.' It's going to be my word for the rest of this year and all of the next year.

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