Monday, April 17, 2017

Beautiful Charleston, South Carolina

My wonderful students and me. Angel Oak, South Carolina

We had a wonderful time on my sketching and watercolor tour with Arts & Cultural Travel. It's a new company affiliation, for me, and an excellent one!!

In context!  Angel Oak, South Carolina (photo by Sharon Blomgren)
We were in Charleston, South Carolina, for a week, staying at a beautiful hotel in the historic district.
Morning sunrise on the Atlantic, view from our room

Charleston wall (photo by Jane LaFazio)

Me demoing on the street, in Charleston
As always, on my trips, we draw and paint on location. We spent an afternoon, perched on a cement wall, drawing the comings and goings of the carriages. They are all over Charleston, giving tours, but this location was the pick up spot. So, the carriages would stay in place longer, as they waited for passengers.

We learned so much! We talked to the drivers, to an owner of a carriage line, and we overheard all kinds of fascinating conversations! Sitting and drawing is such a wonderful way to actual BE in the place you are, and experience it fully.

A page from my sketchbook ~ Charleston, SC
Since carriages and horses were constantly coming and going, I love drawing just the details of the scene. And it really helps one see the details you'd otherwise miss.

Yours Truly

Charleston Tea Plantation

We had a wonderful tour of Charleston Tea Plantation, giving by the owner, Bill. He's such a character! Plus, we learned all about tea production (Black, Herb and Oolong tea all comes from the SAME plant!) and that this plantation is the ONLY tea plantation in America.

touring the Charleston Tea Plantation

Bill, owner, and founder of Charleston Tea Plantation, and me

A walking tour of the gardens of Historic Charleston
The historic homes, and gardens and flower window boxes, of Charleston are beautiful. We took a walking tour and went into a couple of the private gardens.

Garden of Charleston

Garden of Charleston

Garden of Charleston

Don's lunch of Shaved Catfish... from Poogan's Porch
Everyone says Charleston is a food town. So True! Two of my favorite places were Slightly North of Broad and Magnolias.  

Next up is Montreal and Quebec City! Join Arts & Cultural Travel and me!

Join me on my next adventure!
Montreal and Quebec City, June 6-11

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  1. Wow! What a fun trip, Jane. Great photos and sketching opportunities.
    What a treat for your students.


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