Thursday, April 13, 2017

Window Boxes in Charleston, South Carolina

I just returned from teaching a destination retreat in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. What a delightful city! (I'll post more photos and my illustrated journal in the coming days)

It's definitely spring in Charleston and the whole city is green and in bloom! I was particularly fascinated with the window boxes. Truly an art form. Many matched their house and shutter color to the flowers and you can tell they were well thought out arrangements.  

Well, I'm off to my local nursery to stock up on flowers for our front yard!

Every city has something beautifully distinctive... I wonder what surprises I'll discover on my Montreal/Quebec City destination art retreat. Join me!

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  1. Just beautiful! I can see them in hand embroidery. In fact, I have made hand embroidered window boxes and framed them. Thanks for sharing.


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