Monday, April 24, 2017

from my sketchbook ~ around the house in an accordion sketchbook

BeBop sniffs approval
I got this gorgeous hand painted Talavera pitcher in Mexico City, on my recent trip. (I still want to use the design inspiration of the painted design, on fabric too.)
a toy VW

the little car and the angle I was drawing it was difficult!
I'm trying out a new little 4x6 inch sketchbook. It's a Sennelier Urban Sketchbook. It's not made for watercolor, so you can't scrub the page at all. But otherwise, it takes watercolor quite well. 
It's a great little size for a trip! I'll be using it on my Montreal/Quebec City destination workshop retreat, in June and all the students will receive one, for the trip. 

Drawing and inking one day
I'm working on this journal in my home studio, incase you were wondering.  Seems like my desk is always covered with too much stuff! But when I want to sit down and draw, I'm not in the mood to clean my desk.

painted the next day 

in progress

still in progress
I have a few more images I want to add, and even try painting on the backside, to see if it will take it. Plus, I'll add some journaling and words. I'll show you when I'm done!


  1. That little accordion sketchbook is perfect for drawing on the go. You're desk doesn't look messy to me. It's filled with possibility. :)

  2. This is a beautiful little sketch book. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think your desk is full of inspiration!
    The pitcher from your Mexico trip is gorgeous, who wouldn't
    appreciate that in a watercolor sketch?


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