Thursday, April 20, 2017

My Mexico Journal ~ a little video

Watch this short video of the journal I created for my trip to Mexico City and Puebla.

You can see more about my trip on these blog posts: 

Visit to Mexico City!
Mexico City: Frida and Diego's
Mexico City: Art Museums
Mexico City: The murals of Diego Rivera
Puebla, Mexico
Patterns and Design in Mexico

My husband and me at Frida and Diego's Blue House

Here are the links so you can plan your trip!
Mexico City
The Red Tree House B&B, Condesa (FANTASTIC)
Merotoro restaurant, Condesa (very good)
Museo del Palacia de Bellas Artes (murals. amazing. do not miss)
Soumaya Museum (incredible collection. do not miss)
La Capital restaurant, Condesa (we ate there twice)
Museo National de Antopologia  (all day venture, with lunch on the patio. do not miss)
Museo Frida Kahlo Casa Azul (Frida and Diego's house. duh, do not miss. make advance reservations)
Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli (amazing building. architect: Rivera)
Murals de Diego Rivera Secretary of Education Building (Diego fans do not miss)

Netouring with guide Kuny. (Private tour and bus)

Mesones Sacristia  (small hotel, perfect location, with excellent food)
Talavera de la Reyna (gorgeous quality talavera pottery-there's a factory nearby, but it's closed on Sundays)
Museo Amparo (ultra-modern museum with great upstairs cafe view)
St Maria Tonatzintla cathedral (like no other you've ever seen!)
Manos de la Tierra (jewelry store)
Carlos Rivero Tours (tour guide and transportation)


  1. Beautiful trip and journal.
    There you are doing your yoga pose in a public place!
    Fabulous style.

  2. I always try to art journal when I travel but never completely follow through. Do you have a portable printer with you for the pictures or you finish the journal off when you get home?

    1. Yes and yes... I have a portable printer. But, I print out the photos at home on an 8.5x11 inch piece of sticky back labels. Then cut them out.


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