Sunday, July 30, 2017

A little handmade book.

My Garden (accordion book) by Jane LaFazio (cover size 6 x 4 inches)

poetry found. by Jane LaFazio
I forgot how fun it is to just randomly cut words and short phrases from a book, and then compile them into a sort of a poem. 


  1. lovely accordion book art. there is a certain flowness of random words cut from other sources isn't there. i recall back in high school taking photos of my friends(with my brownie camera!) and cutting words from TV Guide to arrange with pics! the wackier the better! I still rearrange those magnetic fridge door words.

  2. Beautiful book . I like the combination of drawing, water color and print. And especially sweet to see the dove.

  3. lovely book! and the dove was such a wonderful addition!

  4. Lovely and sweet, to take the time and appreciate the tiny little wonders right under our noses. TY.


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