Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Madeline Island School of the Arts in Wisconsin

from my sketchbook ~ by Jane LaFazio
I just returned from a lovely week at Madeline Island School of the Arts on the shores of Lake Superior in Wisconsin. It's quite beautiful and a perfect location for a real retreat from reality and an immersion in art.

with my friend Suzanne Myers Otto (who happens to be one of my students)

The classroom at Madeline Island School of the Arts
My husband went with me, so it was extra fun!


  1. Anita K Plucker7/19/2017 4:52 PM

    How wonderful! Fun to watch. So enjoyed the peaceful, enlightening, creative time at MISA with you, Jane. Such a plus for me. Who I am rises to the top when I am enveloped in nature, in such beauty. I need to make such 'deposits', to soothe my soul, as there are so many 'withdrawls' in today's world. Thank you for your expertise and caring sharing. Hi to Don and safe travels.

  2. Don't be afraid if you see me at your classes from now on...I'm not a stalker...just had such a wonderful time I want to do it again...and again...

  3. That's a beautiful sketchbook piece, wow.
    And what a refreshing area to get to teach at.
    You and your husband are so cute together, I just had to say that.


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