Saturday, July 15, 2017

from my sketchbook ~ another mini-tutorial using the Lace & Patina Stencil and metallic foil

from my sketchbook ~ using the Lace & Patina stencil by Jane LaFazio

from my sketchbook ~ using the Lace & Patina stencil by Jane LaFazio
Here's a video tutorial on creating these pages using the Lace & Patina stencil.

Lace & Patina stencil designed by Jane LaFaziofor

Order Jane LaFazio stencils here.

After you watch the video:
I use this spray gesso in the tutorial.
Spray adhesive and foil.
To apply the foil:
1. place stencil on the watercolor paper
2. spray adhesive through the stencil
3. remove stencil
3. place foil shiny side up, on top of adhesive on the paper
5. iron the foil
6. remove the sheet of foil (the rest of the sheet of foil is reusable)

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