Monday, July 24, 2017

Kitties and Recycled Circles

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My sweet kitties love my recycled circles pillow. (Okay, they really just love being on the sofa with me.) It reminded me to remind you that I have a instructional video download for sale showing you how to make Recycled Circles.

This video shows you some examples of my Recycled Circles.

In fact, I have three different instructional videos:
From Art Journaling to Art

Recycled Circles

Wet Felting


  1. Your kitties have good taste. Your recycled circles are beautiful.
    The color and fabrics on your sofa pillow are rich, looks like silk?
    And there's a tutorial?

  2. thanks! the background is silk, but there circles are made from lots of different fabrics. Yes, I have a DVD tutorial here:


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