Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ancient bricks

here's some fabric I created in the workshop this weekend. I don't know yet, how I'll use it. I've got it hanging in my studio waiting for inspiration.


  1. I love it---I am in fabric ecstatcy!! I just got mine all washed and they are drying--started playing around with the "cheat piece" that I pulled out early --will post photos on my blog and the class flicker sight--just too much fun!!!! Thanks again Jane for all the work you did in getting the workshop to go.

  2. Already stitching on your fabric?! I'm impressed. I've got to go start the washing now.

    Jane I still love the "ancient bricks" the best. Love the cracks and coloring.

    Thanks for posting pics - MUAH!

  3. Jane, this is amazing stuff!!!
    (I got inspired by your Spoonflower fabrics and finally ordered a sample made from one of my sketches. It should be here any day now -- can't wait to see it.)


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