Tuesday, June 23, 2009

molinillo inspiration

I'm working in my studio this week, and looking around my house for inspiration. I've recently been working with this molinillo as inspiration. (This is my collection)


  1. Very interesting. I always keep Mexican chocolate on hand for those days when I have intense chocolate cravings. I use a battery operated frother to create the delicious foamy top but always wondered how it was done in Mexico. Now I know!

  2. These tools are pretty and utilitarian!

  3. They make a fine bouquet! Makes me think of Al's handmade toys for paste paper. Now do I have to take a wood-carving class?

  4. How interesting! I love chocolate but I never heard about such a beautiful and useful thing! Need to buy a couple and start my own collection!
    Don't you use them? For chocolate, I mean.


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