Saturday, June 13, 2009

workshop assistant

This weekend I'm hosting a 2 day workshop for Melanie Testa in San Diego. Since I'm the 'workshop assistant' too, I had to actually hang laundry! Actually, it's soda-soaked fabric that we're monoprinting and using soy wax resist. I'll post some pics of the results soon.


  1. This was a great workshop, Jane. Thank you and Melanie for such a great weekend. Your work and dedication help make life embellished!

  2. I had a fabulous time and learned so much. Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful workshop. Can't wait to unbatch. . . Watch out I'm really thinking I'm going to try sketching - weeeeeee. Thanks again Jane - and Melly Mells.

  3. I must agree with Jo and Denise--it was such a fabulous 2 days of art. Thanks so much Jane, for coordinating from the SAN end and thanks Melanie for your inspiration, examples and teaching. I must confess, I am cheating!! I pulled my very first piece out of the "batch bag" and am playing with it--decided if the color isn't as bright that will just have to be my demerits for cheating!! I figure I am in the demerit column since I did not get any extra credit yestereday!!


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