Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kids Art: watercolor and woven picture frame

 Finished up my week of teaching elementary school kids with this grand finale! They drew and painted the birds from my 'collection' from Michaels craft store. Then, since we'd been given a whole bunch of those cheap, colorful, useless brushes, AND, we'd been to Quilt Visions the day before and learned about weaving, they used the collage paper they'd made earlier in the week, and I showed them how to weave the brushes and paper into a frame with fabulous results! You can see the other kids work here.


  1. Very cool activity - I especially love weaving the brushes into the work.

  2. That is very clever... I am going to have to rembmer that one.

  3. Wish I was one of those children to learn from you!!!!!!

  4. How great!! I'm going to have to try this at home, with my kiddos.
    Love your ideas!

  5. These pieces are absolute treasures!!! The kids must have been thrilled- their folks better have been!!!! you have made the Useless brushes totally wonderfully useful and fabulous!!!! What a wonderful project!!!


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