Monday, December 13, 2010

Working with 3rd graders.

3rd graders
Remember when husb and I volunteered to help 25 third graders make papier mache? I went back today to help them design and paint their ornaments/snowmen. It was nearly 80 degrees, so painting outside was perfect.
papier mache ornaments
Update: Mindy sent me this pic of how they turned out.......
We went from that to creating an instant mural, using the 'drop cloth' splashed with white paint and creating a snow village. Construction paper, glue, and a skiing calendar. The village boasts both a FOOD shop and a cake shop.
miindys class mural


  1. How fun for the kids! I love your header too!

  2. Love what you have done. Especially the look on the child's face in the second photo. Everything is so carefree and colorful.

  3. How sweet is that?! Very fun.

  4. Those kids are pretty lucky to have you volunteer to do art with them. It looks like they had fun.

  5. Group art projects with children are so much fun to imagine, plan and implement. We learn so much from their glee and spontaneity..... thanks for sharing your own enthusiasm!

  6. What fun! I especially love the mural.


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