Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I'm now a witness to the POWER of journaling

September 2005 journal page

I've got goosebumps. See this journal page? I created it in September 2005, and just ran across it in my sketchbook. At the time, I as cutting out images/colors I was attracted to and pasting them in my journal and drawing about them. September 2005. I had no idea at the time this magazine photo was from Venice. Take a look at my set of photos from June of this year, that led to the development of my quilt, "Basilica San Marco"---it's the SAME architecture, probably the SAME building in Venice.......
Basilica di San Marco
A detail from "Basilica San Marco" created within the last few months.
If that doesn't convince you of the power of keeping a sketchbook, I don't know what does!! I've been invited to join a group of fabulous artists in a sketchbook challenge. Pages will be posted starting in January--needless to say, I'll be participating fully!


  1. That is SO cool!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Everything you see, every experience you have, every bite you take, goes into making your artwork. You never know how an experience will influence you or those around you. There are no coincidences, just serendipidous experiences which shape us all.

    Now, get back to work!

  3. Jane...I am not surprised...it's imbedded in your DNA, so just go with "the flow" and keep creating!
    Looking forward to the Sketchbook Challenge Project!

  4. Oh I empathise with what you write; so often I happen upon something I did years ago and find the same subject is still embedded in my heart, and I am interpreting it in a different way. That, surely, is life's experience and why as we age we call not only on memories, but on all those magical moments that have become who we are and what we do, and what we love.

  5. That is amazing when it happens like that. It makes me think of the book The Wishing Year (I've forgotten the author. She seems to say that we bring things about by consciously wishing for them--writing them down. In your case you 'journaled' it.

  6. goldendoglady12/07/2010 12:28 PM

    I will be doing the sketchbook challenge also -- can hardly wait.

  7. These pictures are surely Italy. I at first thought it was the Duomo in Orvieto. Fabulous story! I am going to sketch more.
    I'll check out the challenge.

  8. just love it - Venice is just so amazing - you must visit

  9. That is some MAJOR coolness. I've got a set of goosebumps, myself!

  10. Wow, that is awesome!!
    It's amazing how often the same things will inspire us-- or stay rooted in our heart for years, becoming part of who we are.

  11. So cool, Jane. Thanks for reminding me what is possible and that I need to get my journal ideas out fo my head and on to paper!

  12. I have got to get tpast the notion that my journal must be as cool as everyone else's and just get the ideas down somewhere so they can serve a purpose later. Seeing lots of pictures of beautiful and cool journal pages has rpoven intimidating and I ahve got to get over it!!! I will be following along ont eh Sketchbook project and I am very excited about it!!!!
    I am really looking forward to it!!!


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