Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tree of Life reincarnated!

Oaxaca Tree of Life_LaFazio
Here's the story. In 2003, husb & I traveled to fabulous Oaxaca, Mexico for an absolutely wonderful art-filled adventure. We visited many folk artists, learned about the history and culture. (We actually met many of the people featured in this book.) When we returned home, I created this 22x30" mixed media and watercolor, as part of my Tree of Life series. The artwork was juried into a prestigous exhibition at the Oceanside Museum of Art. (Where I have a piece right now, in the Quilt Visions Bieniannal 2010: No Boundaries, but I digress.) So, the peice sold, to Cassandra Prescott. I knew Cassandra as a former student in my Art Quilt Class and as a talented and respected designer.
Time passes, and Cassandra contacted me, could she design a needlepoint canvas based on my original artwork? YES, I said, imaging a small piece, stitched with yarn.

Cassandra Prescott
Here's Cassandra Prescott, of Sundance Designs (she's been in the needle work business for more than 30 years)  with the life size, and unbelieveably detailed and embellished and nearly finished needlepoint of my painting.

tree of life oxaca needlework by cassandra prescott 1
Here's a pic, I took with my phone, but you must look at Cassandra's blog Sundance in Stitches to see the meticulous detail.

tree of life threads
And, to further add to the bounty she presented to me, she also included all the threads, beads, embellishments and a binder with the instructions!  It's one of those moments in my career, where I step back and go...'wow' with lots of gratitude.
Cassandra's company sells wholesale only, but tell your local shop about her company!


  1. OMG This is fabulous! To see your work go t a new generation. WOW It looks like the kit is wonderfully assembled and ready to go. Congratulations, Jane. Your tree of life will brighten more people's lives now!

  2. Cet arbre de vie est splendide. Toutes mes félicitations.

  3. What a wonderful honor for you. This is a treasured memory for eternity. Happy Holly Jolly Joy...

  4. Wow - Beautiful! How proud you must be;)

    Now to run over to Cassandra's blog!

  5. It is so glorious to be imitated, by permission of course. I know you glow with pride on this one!


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