Thursday, December 09, 2010

monotype workshop

classmates in monotype workshop
A lovely 3 days in the monotype workshop. (l to r: Helen Shafer Garcia, Pamela Underwood, Jeannie Moore, Maxine Custer, Amber George, me, Linda Blinn)
rusty stuff
I made a ton of prints, many on watercolor paper.
on fabric
a few on fabric

and since I had my journaling epiphany, I had to print a whole series of Venician columns. I cut a stencil using the rubbing plate I'd created for my quilt 'Basilica San Marco.'  Needless to say, I have plenty to work on in my studio!


  1. Monotypes were my very first "love" when it came to art (well second, life drawing was first I guess).

    These are beautiful, Jane. Just lovely!!

  2. Great work Jane. Really nice prints.

  3. I am envious. Your work looks so rich and deep. What a great format for you.


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