Thursday, December 16, 2010

Drawing at the Wes Bruce Museum Installation

 the sewing room/Museum Installation
I spent a good part of yesterday drawing at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido Museum. (I'd gotten permission.) The Wes Bruce installation/fort, "The Secrets Surrounding the Mysterious Life & Psychology of Mrs. Augustine Greane," is fantastical and beyond description. (It ends Dec 31, and you must see it!) You may recall, husb and I spent the night in the fort.
I sat on the floor, in near darkness and drew these pages. I started with the sewing room (above) because is spoke to me immediately. Lots of vintage hankies hang from the ceiling.
poetry room/Museum Installation
The Poetry room is one of my favorite rooms. Long pieces of paper, with Wes's words written on them, move gently in the breeze caused by the fan. You have to crawl through the hanging paper poems.

game room/Museum Installation
Next to the game room. It had a small lamp, so I was able to draw a little in pencil first, then to pen.

 painting on the wall/Wes Bruce work
Lastly, out to the hallway, where Wes had painted, written and hung more notes on a large wall. I could spend hours more at this installation...sitting on the floor, alone and drawing. A fine day.


  1. Very cool. Love your illustrations and the gentle wash for added depth.

  2. Love these drawings. Were they done with the Pilot Razor Point and then gone over with a waterbrush like the boots in your sketch class? I bought the pen and will try this technique.

  3. Great drawings... you gave us a new way to continue enjoying Wes's fort at the Center. Thank you! -Tomoko


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