Saturday, June 18, 2011

Prayer Flag Project

prayer flag project #1 ~ detail

prayer flag project #1
My cyber friend, Vivika Hansen DeNegre has created The prayer flag project. And I'm joining in. 
prayer flag project #1 ~ detail
My first flag is for my dear friend, Melanie Testa.
prayer flag project #1 ~ detail      prayer flag project #1 ~ detail
Melly is battling breast cancer. She's had chemo and she's going in for surgery on June 21. My first flag flutters in the wind in my backyard, spreading wishes of love and healing to Melly.
prayer flag project #1
Here are the details, in Vivika's own words on the Prayer Flag Project. Join us.
"Prayer Flags are part of the ancient Buddhist tradition. My family has several strings hanging in our home... not because we are Buddhist or even know what the writing or symbols upon the colored fabrics mean, but because they are beautiful and a reverent reminder that our prayers are heard and answered. In a nutshell, it is believed that the prayers on the flags are lifted and spread throughout the universe as they flutter in the wind. Everyone who is touched by that wind, is touched by the prayers. The wind spreads the prayers through the world, extending happiness, good will, and peace. What a wonderful concept.
I started a new project - The Prayer Flag Project- with a new flag each day. Each flag is made in less than an hour, then hung outside for a while, its word and sentiment dissolving into the wind and being spread to all whom the wind touches. They are a living, breathing, kinetic journal."

The Prayer Flag Project... Join Vivika  if you'd like.
"Vivika is looking for artists to participate in this project. The process is simple: Just make a flag with your prayer as its theme, and hang it in the breeze for a while. You don’t need to make a flag a day, but you could if you wanted to.  She will eventually want to collect as many flags as possible to hang in an exhibition, and that would likely be an outside venue. She has created a group on Flickr for the photos (aptly named “Prayer Flag Project” – anyone can join), and will have a separate blog for the posts after July 1.

Mini Tutorial from VivikaThis is how she makes her flags, but feel free to be creative and change them to fit your own style. I would like to eventually find an exhibition venue for this series. If you would like to be part of this bigger project, please keep the 5”x8” dimension with a 3” hanging area as described below. And sign your work! Let Vivika know via email that you are “praying along” and include a photograph of your work or link to a blog so she can post about your flags as well.
1. Cut a piece of background fabric to approximately 5”x11”.
2. Create a place to thread a string by folding one short end over to the front by 3” and press, making a rectangle approximately 5”x8”. Sew a row of decorative stitching either by hand or machine along the raw edge.
3. Choose a theme for your prayer, and embellish your flag with paper, painting, stitch, embroidery, buttons, etc. You are only limited by your imagination and your stash.  
4. Use machine stitching to add free motion words and journaling to your flag. I always include the date, and usually add a word to the surface of the flag.
5. Journaling is important,  flags can have a small paper tag with snips of words cut from books relating to the prayer.
6. Lastly,  photograph the completed flag and write about the process and the prayer.


  1. I've been stalking your blog for a while now, Jane. Love your posts - they are always inspiring. And we have a common friend in sweet Melly.

  2. Des couleurs qui font chanter les âmes...

  3. Thank you so much for post this Jane. I did a *prayer flag a day* project several years ago for lent. I really enjoyed it. And was dreaming about prayer flags last night! I will contact her and see about participating, NOT every day. :-)

  4. Thanks Jane. Love the prayer flags. when we went out to visit my daughter, I knew her house from the prayer flags. Great link

  5. My Goodness, Jane... what a generous and wonderful group of readers you have. Thank you for your post, and helping to move this project along!

  6. tears! Good ones. Thank you. My goodness.

  7. Hi, Your prayer flag is beautiful...and will certainly bring hope.

  8. Thanks for the background on this wonderful activity. I will definitely make a prayer flag for friends who need positive thoughts. Your posts are always inspiring! Kathy

  9. Wonderful. Wonderful. Thank you, Jane.

  10. Wow, prayer flags. We dogs have a similar thing - Wish Sticks. It's pretty much the same story as the flags. Or at least they serve a similar function.

    We find sticks we like, chew them for a bit while we think about our wish. Then we leave the stick to release the good thoughts into the world. The stick might be picked up by another dog and have another wish added to it. This helps the first wish grow stronger and so on. The more wishes a stick has, the more likely the wishes will come true. I'll go find a stick right now and chew a wish for your friend Melly.
    Tchao-wow from Portugal.

  11. thanks so much everyone! please do participate as you can, and join in!
    @Ruca, special barks to you for giving us the canine perspective!


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