Thursday, June 09, 2011

Just foolin' around

journal page 2/3

This is a Strathmore Visual Journal (mixed media 5.5x8"). Just playing around with it, as Linda Blinn and I are teaching a workshop July 9 &10 in San Clemente Art Supply, CA. (register here)  All the students get a journal for class (the bigger version, I think) so I figured I'd better get to know it. 
journal page


  1. Beautiful pages! Just started an art journal and so far it's been fun.

  2. nice foolin' around, Jane. looks like fun

  3. Jane, I have to let you know that I am very inspired by you as an artist. Your work is so lovely and joyful and your blog is really fun to read. I also have always loved stitching and felting but it is you (and your marvelous video) that have truly helped me past my insecurities about sketching. I have been keeping a watercolor sketch journal and I am so enjoying it.
    Thank you for being such a giving, positive artist.

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  5. Hi Jane,

    I've taken both of your watercolor journaling classes through joggles. Which Strathmore visual journal did you use here. Was it the bristol smooth or their watercolor paper. I've been thinking about purchasing their journal but can't decide which one to purchase.

  6. I've just happened upon your blog and I really enjoy it. The watercolors are lovely and your work/play with fabric is smashing! Thanks so much for sharing and I'll visit often.
    best, nadia

  7. Thanks everyone!!
    Kim, it's the 'mixed media' journal...that's what it says on the cover.


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