Friday, June 03, 2011

Mundo Lindo ~ Beautiful World

the thursday group
For the past 4 years, I've taught Mundo Lindo ~ Beautiful World, a program I created for 4th & 5th grade kids. It's an afterschool art program and free to the kids. This photo was taken yesterday, June 2, with the kids wearing the tie dye t-shirts they made last week.
I'm in the photo, along with my assistant Amy Williams, teen volunteers Monica, Leo and Jonathan. Mundo Lindo is taking a summer break and will return in September 2011. It's a grant and donation based program. And we need some funding to start up again. You can donate directly here (be sure and mention Mundo Lindo). Go look at the Mundo Lindo blog I've kept up, and you'll see the kids, the art and the joy... Thanks!


  1. I love what you do with those kids. I made a donation. (smaller than I would have liked)

  2. I have recently found you via Sketchbook Challenge, but notice you are also featured in Quilting circles somewhat. I am a fan! Your work with the kids is great - art for the next generation!


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