Tuesday, June 15, 2010

tomorrow a tutorial

 I'll post a tutorial tomorrow on needle-felting. AND, some of my friends will also be posting tutorials, tomorrow and for the next few days. I'll link to them each day. Hold onto your hats! It's a Tutorial Tsunami!


  1. Cool! I'll post on my blog about your blog! Love everything you do, Jane!! - xoxo

  2. Thanks for the upcoming tutorial and for the ones you've already posted!
    Happy days,

  3. Totally cool! It gives me hope that I can do this. Love the tactile look of it.

  4. Jane, I just love your tutorials - you are so good at explaining things. Really looking forward to your tutorial on nuno felting.

  5. For anyone who doesn't have a needle felting machine: My favorite way to make these is with the hand held needles -- I use the Clover pen style needle felting tool with fine needles and a piece of high density foam -- the foam can be the size of your piece or smaller and you just have to move things around. I find it very relaxing to lay things out and then needle them in, then add more till I like how it looks. You can take things off if you want. The needles go through the silk easier when there is some wool on top of it -- it can just be a wisp of wool.I almost always wet felt my pieces to finish them.


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