Friday, June 11, 2010

ala Tracie

 Tracie Lyn Huskamp's artwork has a wonderful feminine style. She loves and appreciates nature (don't we all?) and has blended her talent and her passion into her artwork and into her book "Nature Inspired: Mixed-media techniques for gathering, sketching, painting, journaling and assemblage." I was lucky enough to take one of her workshops at Art Unraveled a few years ago where she taught me her technique of painting birds on fabric. (She explains it in the book too.) I recently got out her book and was inspired to do another, this time with a Tracie-inspired background. (My background is a page from a bird book, painted, gessoed and stenciled, then I've added my painted bird on fabric, and LACE and some text.) I'll be giving away a copy of Tracie's book later this month...


  1. I love your birdie! You've inspired me to try one of my own :)


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