Sunday, January 23, 2011

On location

museum journal page 1: Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside CA
One of my tiny sketchbooks and part of the Sketchbook Challenge. I visited Oceanside Museum of Art yesterday, to see Quilt Visions 2010: No Boundaries and an Imogen Cunningham Botanical exhibiton. My purse-size sketchbook, watersoluble pen, and waterbrush were perfect for some quick sketches.

on location
Here's the page from this on location. Not to thrilled with the way it turned out, but I sure enjoyed the afternoon spent painting it.

on location at the winery
And another, from the nearby winery.


  1. Beautiful Jane! Everytime I walk past a rusty sprinkler part, cog, etc. I think of your art. ;-)

  2. Love the first page! Great work Jane!

  3. I just love these! I haven't wandered around my art store lately. What water soluble pen and waterbrush do you use? I own a waterbrush, but I put it in such a safe place that I can't find it . . .

  4. the products I use are listed here.
    The water soluble pen I used was a Tombow pen.

  5. Gayle - squetcher1/24/2011 8:35 AM

    Lovely pages, Jane. Despite the fact that you aren't thrilled with your trees page, it is a good lesson to hear that it is unrealistic to expect to be thrilled with each effort. I like all of the ones shown here. Thank you.

  6. very nice! love the boot and rusty cogs. so colorful!

  7. Jane, love your little sketchbooks! Also thanks for reminding us about previous posts--I had forgotten the journal box tutorial--which I also loved. So I spent the day rounding up stuff and put one together this afternoon. (I'm taking your on-line class so I'll count this one as practive.) Ginny

  8. Jane,
    Thanks for sharing something (one little thing) you did that wasn't COMPLETELY fabulous! It gives a more human perspective for the rest of us strivers.

    Very generous.


  9. These are so great. I LOVE the boot with the plant. The boot has a character all it's own. And the rusty parts..they're beautiful, just like the first quote says:)


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