Sunday, January 02, 2011

An interview and the sketchbook challenge begins

Tania Marien has interviewed me on her resource-packed blog, Art Plantae Today. The blog tagline is 'connecting artists, naturalists, and educations' so I feel quite proud to be included. And there's an 'ask the artist' section for questions, so now is your chance to ask me stuff. :-)
The Sketchbook Challenge has begun!
 january 2011 ¬†sketchbook challenge

"Highly Prized" is this month's theme. A good theme, but difficult. I know what I prize, what I cherish, but I'm not a 'people drawer' and it seems unfair to my beloved husband to try and depict him...though I may find the courage as the month progresses...
As you can see from the photo below, I drew from these art show ribbons (ironically, my husb's ribbons! I've only ever won 2 ribbons, and it was years ago). I listed, in the background, a stream-of-consciousness listing of what I 'highly prized.' 

january 2011    sketchbook challenge


  1. More lovely work as usual. (Somehow I managed to get through this morning to your comment window. Go figure.)

  2. I love the endearments behind the ribbons. What a lovely tribute to your "prize". :) This is such a joy and I look forward to seeing everyone's many colors. Happy New Year Jane!

  3. Dear Jane,
    I also am part of the Sketchbook Challenge (and today I shouldn't be on the computer because I'm preparing for my exhibit in downtown Fort Myers Tomorrow--have to get some wire on my paintings!). Yet,I had to tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE your sketch because it is difficult to honor your love from --and your love of-- the most important person in the world. I almost sketched something thinking about the love of my husband this morning and I'm glad I didn't because not only did you sketch prize ribbons--your sketch is prize worthy. Not just the topic but the drawing is excellent. I really want to win this challenge so giving you this GIANT and SINCERE compliment is chancy--but one I have to take! LOL :)
    Happy New Year--Sketch onward!!
    Pam Malafronte
    I'd love it if you'd check out my blog too--

  4. Jane.. oh my.. this is so beautiful.. U hv such drawing talent.. wow!


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