Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Monotype Mania!

I love gelatin monotypes and my friends requested a day of it. Here they are, in Andy's studio. L to R: Susie Clark (in the back) Andy Hein, Helen Shafer Garcia, Pamela Underwood and Jill Hall
We spent most of the day making monoprints, having lunch, talking and laughing.
out to dry
It was a gorgeous warm day, so we put some of our prints outside to dry.
some of my monotypes
These are some of mine.
winter season ~ in progress    winter season ~ in progress (the back)
When I got home, I selected one of my prints on fabric to begin sewing on. The pic on the right is from the back, some free motion machine stitching.
winter season ~ in progress
Here's the work in progress~ adding some hand stitching. Okay, a lot of hand stitching.
winter season ~ in progress
I'll be teaching a day of this, gelatin monoprinting, at the Long Beach Quilt Festival on July 29th.
winter season ~ in progress

Remember my fabric vase tutorial? Suzanne Stewart followed it and made a beautiful vase to go with her table runner. Check out her work here.  


  1. I tried the gelatin monoprinting. Once. Yuck. Clearly I just didn't have the vision. Yours are lov-er-ly. I will have to try again.

  2. Ah, Jane, these are fabulous and I'm sorry to say that I'm lime green with envy (tee hee) that I couldn't be there.

  3. Wonderful. Thanks Jane for sharing. Susie

  4. This looks like so much fun.. I wish I could have come.. it's something I'd love to learn.. hugs to you xo LOVE ALL you have shared here.. love it!

  5. Oh I do ADORE gelatin Monoprints!! I love to teach the process too!!!

    My only problem is bieng able to stop and I ususally keep the gles covered and stored in the Fridge for at least 3 weeks!!! Then there is the problem with where to put them all as they dry!!! In spring I drape them over the bushes in the yard!!!
    Great pieces being made more fabulous by your glorious stitch work!!!


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