Tuesday, January 04, 2011

welcome to 2011!

words for 2011
Thank you dear readers for sharing your words for 2011! I had 51 comments ( a record) and just reached 400 followers. This makes me very happy. Thank YOU!

I have 3 words, so far, for 2011. LIGHT (light of heart, sharing the light) and GRATITUDE (for you readers, students, friends) and COFFEE. (Coffee?? here's the story, my beloved husb loves to go out for coffee. I want to join him more often, spend time with him--as a full time artist, I'm always working on something! but my quality time with my husband is what's really important. Of course, I've started a coffee shop journal, for just those times. Can't take the artist out of the coffee drinker!)


  1. Love what you did with the words! I'm too selfish.. I couldnt narrow down.. i want them all! But i'll keep thinking!

  2. A very BIG CONGRATULATIONS to you! That is amazing!Your blog is wonderful! xo Diane

  3. Congratulations on 400 followers and to the lucky winners.
    I must not have left my word:
    NOW as in do not put off anything!

  4. congrats on your 400 followers (i'm about to add my name to the list, too!)! your artwork is absolutely gorgeous, and i wish you much light, gratitude and coffee in 2011!!! :))

  5. Congrats to Janet, and to you as your blog grows. Yes, you are right about the quality time with our spouses, and I'm glad to see you are making the time. Don't journal too much while you're there and forget to communicate with him. :o) Enjoy! Thanks for sharing your inspiration and igniting it in us.

  6. A coffee shop journal, how cool! I think everybody is a winner on your blog. 8^)

  7. I think that it is very cool and very sweet that you chose coffe as one of your words!!! It will be such fun for you to spend that time together and one never knows what wonderful sketchs you will come up with at all of the different venues!!! I am sure that your husband is touched!!

    On another topic I have a really neat story about teaching felting to kids on my blog- I know that working with kids is a big part of your life as it is a large part of mine. Swing by my blog if you ahve half a sec, just don't put off a coffee date to do it!!!http://elizabethcreates.blogspot.com

    Big Hugs!!

  8. I am a little late but this year my word is: BEGIN.So many times I have ideas but don't know where to begin, so now I just do it.I bet I am your oldest follower, 85.Taking on new challenges keeps me going. Love your blog. Atie in S.Cal.

  9. Happy New Year Jane!!!!
    my words is balance. as in finding it....
    may the new year bring you creative joy and much time for coffee journals!


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