Saturday, January 22, 2011

Still dreaming of Venice

work in progress
I'm still thinking of Venice and inspired by the beautiful wreck it is aspects. (ha, my first musically accompanied blog post!) This is a machine needlefeltd piece that I'm going to hand sew on. (You can see my tutorial here) It started with one of Suzanne's everything kits and some bits from my stash. I'm preparing it all for a segment on Quilting Arts TV that I'm filming next month.(gulp)

Beautiful Utah in July? here's the scoop on the art retreat I'm teaching.
Just found out I'm teaching at CREATE in Costa Mesa, CA in May.
Oh yea, and let's not forget Italy in 2012.


  1. Quel artiste ne pourrait pas aimer Venise ?... Joyaux de la couleur, des reflets et la lumière...

  2. This is so beautiful as it is, I can hardly stand it! Will you bring it Sunday or Monday?

  3. Not Create, Chicago in August?! And have you been to the site to see that my smiling face with a journal in hand is advertising the event?
    By the way, that felted piece is gorgeous.

  4. Oh my, this is sooo GORGEOUS already...I cannot wait to see what *venetian* touches you will add to this next, Jane! Those spirals - did you paint them? They add an air of mystery, I think. I must try this process one day (but I'm a bit afraid of getting seriously hooked).

  5. The colours in this piece are so vibrant and blend so well together. I really love your work..

  6. oooh, Jane. i hope you'll bring your bit of Venice to class - tomorrow, even? looking forward to the next 8 mondays ... xo Davi

  7. This is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it finished.

  8. Chellie Buzzeo1/27/2011 2:30 PM

    I love this photo. Almost looks like handmade paper. Love the texture and colors in everything you do.


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