Monday, March 08, 2010

BeBop and the green

 I'm started to assemble my pieces of green slow cloth, and as you can see, I'm getting some 'help.' And I need your help, dear readers, to name this piece. I can tell you it's 36x48" and it's mostly green and it has/will have a sort of overlay of circle patterns...I'll take more photos as I progress, but I'd love some help with a name!


  1. This looks luscious Jane. And Bebop,so adorable. How about green planet? Oh I don't know, but it's really pretty.

  2. Hi Jane
    I don't have a suggestion-will look forward to seeing it's progression. Mainly just wanted to stop by and say hi!

  3. Can't wait to see the whole piece. How about "Symphony of Circles in Green" or "Symphony in Green"?

  4. Considering how BeBop has attached to it, I'd say Bed of Greens. Of course, having just been to Ireland you might think "40 Shades of Green"

    I might also call it...."My Aching Hands" This will be a triumph when it's all put together. May need a show of its' own.


  5. Your kitty cats have great taste! Ummmmmm: I'll have to think on this one, but it is lovely! (I do like Andy's 'Bed of Greens')


  6. I suggest
    I Felt Spring in my Heart

  7. How about: "Furry Green"

  8. Jane- LOVE THE GREEN SLOW CLOTH! ...and your kitties! my cats lie all over my things the same way. I especially love the color green so I am drawn to your piece. I was thinking of the word chromatic...concert, but then I saw antoher comment that mentioned "symphony" ....or tie it in with the earth. I was looking up synonyms for green and that is what lead me to chromatic....good luck with your name!! Hope we all can help.

    Your fan always,
    Shelley G.

  9. how about Be bop a luna"
    my cat, Hammy, would love to help!


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