Wednesday, March 17, 2010


 As seen in a previous post, my plan was to  follow Kelli Nina Perkins tutorial and create a pagelet, just like her's! Well, of course, I didn't follow the directions properly from the get-go, and I used matte medium, so then I had to use acyrlics, which I rarely paint in, and I had to paint the little scene I'd set up sort of realistically...But I did stitch on it and add the words and even stitiched Orvieto Italy on the top, because the very thought of Italian food made me think of my upcoming workshop in Italy! Back to the point, do follow Kelli's directions and let me know if you post the results on your blog and I'll link to it next week. (And I had to finish this little page today, because the red pepper was wilting!)
I'm off to San Francisco tomorrow, for the Studio Art Quilt Associate (SAQA) conference (if you're an art quilter, you really should join this organization.) I'll return on Sunday!


  1. Outstandingly cool - love how it turned out!

  2. Jane, everything you do turns out beautiful, I would like to try Kelli's method, I have her book and the tutorial from her blog, I just need to learn to draw!!!!!!

  3. Absolutely wonderful Jane. I really love the text under your stunning still life. What a great interpetation--it shows how many ways there are to do something as simple as stitching on paper. Have a great conference!

  4. Nice work Jane! And I like the small words in parentheses.


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