Friday, March 05, 2010

rainbow series

 I'm calling these pieces, my Rainbow Series. They are another form of 'slow cloth' for me. I've needlefelted all sorts of rovings and ribbons and things, then layered with sheers and more needlefelting. Then I hand stitch...Lots more of these to come!
And thanks so much everyone for you comments about my interview with Kelli!


  1. My Lord, Jane, I just fast forwarded to your flickr have done millions of these! You must be obsessed. These are time intensive and they are absolutely fabulous! Do you have plans for their future? Beautiful and detailed beyond belief!

  2. Jane!!!!!!!
    These are absolutely deeeelish!!! I think that they would make quite a statement all tacked together by their whispy ribbon ends to form a quilt of sorts to hang!!! I would so love to see one in person!!!
    Such intense lucious color all set off sobeautifully with your wonderful stitching!!!

  3. I love these and after cruising your flicker pics I have been inspired to get back to some slow hand work myself. What I seriously want to know is what to do with all these small pieces you/I make? I give some away and others get stuck up on my wall to be enjoyed but you have a zillion of them. What do you/will you be doing with them?

    I recently signed up to follow your blog and am very much enjoying it. Thanks for yesterdays interview too, I am going to go read it now and also the one Kelli posted on hers. maybe I will find the answer to my question when I read your interview.

  4. Yum. That's all I can say is YUM!

  5. Yummy! Yum! Yum! Oh I see Lyric thinks it's yummy too! Great minds. . .lol.

  6. It is so gorgeous. I love the colours.


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