Sunday, March 07, 2010

traveling sketchbook

 A friend asked me to take part in a traveling sketchbook. So here's my page. I'll be passing it along to someone else, and hopefully it will travel the world and be returned full to the organizers.
The stamp, as you know, was recently carved by me, and the flowers were inspired by a recent trip to my fave museum, The Mingei, in Balboa Park. They've just opened Viva Mexico. I went in to sketch ideas for an upcoming workshop I'm teaching at the Mingei (May 1- Tree of Life, details to come). The flowers on this page were inspired by the tops of the musicians hats in one of the sculptures in the exhibition. The background has lots of layers of transparent acyrlics and resists...


  1. The flower tops are very well interpreted as the tops of the musicians hats. The color of this page reads MEXICO for sure! love it.

  2. Jane,
    that is really lovely! the flowers are so whimsical and the bird is fabulous! I suspect you will use that lino many times over the years!
    We have a wonderful shop in Atlanta called Mingei...I have purchased some great batik tjaps there.


  3. Nice carving! Love your page and that bird is great. :)

  4. Love your orange page!!! Background resists add so very much !!!!!

  5. I saw the real thing in person today!!!! It is so lovely!!!

  6. Love your pages! The colors are glorious, the flowers creative and fun and the bird is terrific!


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