Thursday, March 25, 2010

orvieto setup

Thought you'd be interested (well, okay, mildly interested) in seeing the setup for the pagelet I did, based on Kelli Nina Perkin's tutorial. You can tell I work in pristine conditions in my studio.......ha!
Oh, look and Kelli's having a Spoonflower fabric giveaway. She's really created some great prints on fabric with her artwork...


  1. Good morning, Jane. I love your studio. Lots of stimulation! This pagelet is larger than I thought. I like it. It wets my appetite for Italy. Check out my crab cakes:

  2. Looks pretty neat to me! They look like identical cousins. You have really got the sketching thing down. I guess that's why you're the teach! If I hide behind a rock in Orvieto, you won't even know I'm there. Your class is very fortunate! So beautiful.

  3. Love the Red Pepper collage element. And boy would I like to go to Italy!

  4. ditto what the first three ladies said ... and can I just say, your garlic looks tastier than - um - that other garlic! beautiful, Jane.


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