Sunday, March 28, 2010

stitched cloth paper

 a week or two ago, I made these stitched cloth paper sheets, inspired by Kelli Nina Perkins FABULOUS book Stitch Alchemy.


  1. Love your cloth-paper colors and I want your Mayan looking stamp!!! did you make it?

  2. Hi Jane
    Love your Stitch alchemy style paper. I have several pieces on my blog also!!

  3. Love your kimono Jane!! Such vibrant colors - cant seem to make enough fabric/paper either!!!!

  4. I'm loving these, Jane. That Kimono is very inspiring. I must get Kelli's book.

  5. Love these! Your whole site is so inspiring!

  6. Your papers are so rich. They make me want to race up to my studio and start playing.
    A quick an " art blogger wannabe" but not sure about the time it involves, could you give me an idea as to how much of a commitment I might be making, hoping to keep an up-to-date blog?
    Thanks, Wendy


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