Saturday, March 06, 2010

Looking back at .........Dreamland

 Dreamland, is a mixed media piece I did back in 2001. I was commissioned by Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla to create 8 paintings, each 22x30" for their permanent collection. All 8 of my original paintings, the View Series are on display on the cardiac floor (6th, I think) of the hospital. It's was a huge deal for me, getting such a prestigious commission AND completing 8 artworks in 3 months! I was working on the paintings when the 9/11 tragedy happened. This particular piece depicts the happier, innocent days of 1950's. A kind of pastoral setting in technicolor. I even included the proverbial white picket fence (in the lower portion.) The series was done on 300 lb watercolor paper, watercolor, color pencil,  collaged, stitched and embellished. I haven't been back to the hospital in a while, to visit my paintings...I should go. (I did have giclee prints made of all the works.)

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