Tuesday, March 23, 2010

shadow house detail

Here's a detail of Shadow House. I'm not quite sure it's finished. It may need some tiny buttons. I'll show you when I'm done.

Speaking of works in progress....aren't we all??? I'm still ruminating on what I heard and saw at the SAQA conference. I was introduced to Diane Savona's work (unfortunately, not in person) and was incredibly moved. Words like "reconsider, investigation, tangible history" were spoken about her work by Marci McDade, editor of  Fiber Arts magazine. Everyday items reinterpreted in an earth-shattering way. I was stirred by thoughts on art like: concept, intention, emotional logic, meaning, inspiration. what informs your art? Look back and look forward, and make a reference to the past in your art. The art has should be about something and that something will project to the viewer. Art is communication.
Art as a way to activism. Mung Lar Lam's work was delicate and her words were gentle and meaningful, yet powerful. I want to be Lea Redmond when I grow up, except she's only 29. I felt as though I understood Consuelo Jimenez Underwood amazing work, as I live on the Mexican border and have studied Mexican folk art on my trips to that country.
These topics spoke to me. I feel I began this type of work with my piece Ralph's Letters (and now of course, realize I should have given it a 'deeper' title!) And my slow cloth, especially the piece "Above the Bog" are works that have a deeper meaning and works that I'm proud of and know they are distinctly original to me. Of course, I do and will continue to do mindless, pretty stuff, but I also want to work deeper in selected pieces of my work.


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  2. Hi Jane - it sounds like you had a lovely time. Your work is already deep and full of meaning (while still being playful and full of whimsy!) I look forward to seeing what happens going forward.

  3. So beautifully spoken and so right! I have been thinking alot about this lately, what my art means to me and which part of myself and my past I put into it. I plan to reflect more and as you said " work deaper in selected pieces of my work".

    Thanks for charing!

  4. Your Shadow House certainly speaks to me rather you had 'intentions' as you did your slow cloth stitching, I don't know, but it is my favorite of your work. Of course houses have always been one of my favorite symbols. The texture is amazing.

  5. Shadow House really captures how I would love my house to look - unconventional and happy. I really enjoyed your post on the SAQA conference. I think we are struggle to find and be able to depict our true self. Have a fun filled week.


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