Friday, March 26, 2010

Mundo Lindo

 One of the things that I enjoy most in my life--wait a minute, there are sooooo many things about my life that I enjoy! Being an artist is the BEST life! of the things I do during the week that I love is teaching Mundo Lindo, the free afterschool art program I created for 4th & 5th grade kids. This week and next we're doing this fabulous project from Ann Wood. Since, as usual, I'm one step ahead of the kids, I'll be completing my 'dream boat' and posting it this week. Waay cool project.


  1. I love the woven landscapes that the Mundo Lindo kids did. We saw this done on a painting in one of the watercolor shows in San Diego last year and have been wanting to try it. Thanks to you and your kids I now know how. Maybe I'll want to make a Dream Boat, too.

  2. can't wait to see yours never cease to amaze me! Those kids are so darned lucky to have you!


  3. Wow, those look great. Can't wait to see yours. My kids would love this project...wish I'd seen it while we were still officially on spring break. ;-)


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