Friday, May 18, 2012

Orly Avineri's new self published book!

New book One Artist Journal by Orly Avineri

Orly Avineri's self published book is available, chronicling her digital journal. She writes: "About 4 years ago, I began scanning my paintings, photographs, journal entries, drawings, letters, notes, graphics, and miscellaneous objects into Photoshop. Then I would further work on my virtual canvases with digital tools, creating visual and textual images to reflect my personal perceptions of simple matters relating to being human, aware and lively."
You can order Orly's book online here.
And I love this quote from Orly "Visual journaling is the most inclusive, intuitive, unpretentious, honest, direct, and revelatory art form. As such it has a great appeal to so many people around the globe, fulfilling a deep wish to interconnect in the most rewarding, sweetest possible way." 

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